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When a home has a cool and damp basement with musty smells, it is possible to find that there's mold on the walls and that becomes an indicator of moisture getting into one's house. Most of these happens in basements. This usually happens mostly due to poor drainage around a house resulting in build-up of moisture around the foundation. There are ways that someone can adopt to fix these problems as they are not expensive to undertake. It has been seen that poor drainage is cause mostly by two main reasons. The first cause is the angle of slope around the house and how it is graded and then the second reason is how the house and its immediate environment is equipped to handle rainwater.


Drainage problems have several solutions that can be applied to take care of the problem once and for all. The number one thing you begin with is managing the rain water. You can easily manage this by using gutters around the roof to direct all the rain water into one location. If you already have the gutters installed but they are in poor working condition then you should consider having them repaired or entirely replaced with new ones that work better. If you fail to take this simple steps you will be putting your house at a risk of damage. It is advisable that you inspect or get professional help to ensure that they are installed correctly. They also should be firmly fixed and well aligned with the roof. Next should be septic repair services.


Another solution is by use of downspouts. These are basically pipes that carry water from a roof taking the water to a specified place. They are made in a way that they are wide enough to accommodate large amounts of water coming from a roof after a heavy downpour. The pipes should be large in a way that they can accommodate anything to avoid blockage problems usually by leaves. 


Another drainage problem can also be as a result of a pipe that is broken and is meant to drain to a septic tank or in a drain field. If that is the case, the only solution is to have the broken pipe repaired. The maintenance companies can be used to do repairs in case a home has an advanced treatment system. One has to know when it is time to do repairs on their septic tanks to avoid unwanted odour coming from it. Doing so guarantees one that their homes are going to be free of any issues that do arise as a result of drainage problems.


To conclude, it is recommended that each and every home make use of these solutions in order to counter any drainage problems that may arise. Making use of the solutions can guarantee one that their homes will stay mold free and also with the best kind of drainage solutions. Look up black mold in attic removal services online to get started.